Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the majority of C. diff cases found?
A: Most patients suffering from C. diff are found in the older population, often residing in long term care facilities.

Q: Why should FMT be considered over proven antibiotic treatments?
A: Many times FMT treatment is a last resort or an act of desperation because doctors have tried several rounds and types of antibiotics that have simply not worked. There is more than sufficient available data indicating that Fecal Microbiota Transplant is effective. With an impressive 90% cure rate (according to the American College of Gastroenterology) for over 15,000 people annually who face the risk of death, FMT is a strong solution worth consideration.

Q: How is the FMT procedure administered?
A: With a variety of procedures performed by a medical professional, Fecal Microbiota Transplant can be administered via nasogastric tube, enema, colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. Depending upon a specific diagnosis from a healthcare provider, each option is safe, effective and often times has immediate results.

Q: Are there other organizations providing this service?
A: AdvancingBio is one of only a few organizations in the US to offer this treatment and provides everything from donor collection, testing, processing and shipping.

Q: Does the FDA regulate FMT?
A: The FDA has indicated they will use regulatory discretion for FMT when being used for the treatment of C. diff. Click here to view the FDA’s current guidance document.